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  • David Greene - Worshipful Master
  • George Rodriquez - Senior Warden
  • Angelo Encarnacion - Treasurer
  • Arthur Walton (PM) - Secretary
  • Thomas Green - Jr. Deacon
  • Alan Worley - Sr. Steward
  • David Montoya - Jr. Steward
  • Timothy Lynch (PM) - Officers Coach
  • Joe Campbell (PM) - Inspector

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CBS Sunday Morning aired a segment about Freemasonry presented by journalist Mo Rocca. This piece proved to be a fun, well balanced, and informative look at the fraternity. Among those interviewed were distinguished Masonic scholar and UCLA professor Margaret Jacob, as well as renowned Masonic author and editor of The Scottish Rite Journal, S. Brent Morris. Watch the video segment about Freemasonry via CBS Sunday Morning and view their accompanying piece, "9 things you didn't know about Freemasonry".
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