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In the times that we interpret, there may have been a higher percentage of Masons than there are today. But in those times people did not travel to seek recreation like we do today. Since most of the brothers we know are local, and most of those we shoot with are not, we often pass by our fellow Masons without even realizing it. Other groups have Masonic recognition associations: fur trade re-enactors have the Beaver Lodge, Masonic motorcycle riders have the Widow's Sons.


I believe the time has come for Hiram's Rangers, a group of western action shooters with Masonic affiliation. Becoming a Hiram's Ranger is much like becoming a Mason, you will need to request admission. In order to be a Hiram's Ranger you will need to be a Master Mason, show your Blue Lodge dues card and give the pass and token of the pass of a Master Mason. To receive the degree you must be a western action shooter, be clad in 19th century clothing, and preferably be attending an event associated with western action shooting. Upon receiving the degree, you will receive the sign, the word, and the grip of a Hiram's Ranger. You will also be approved to wear the badge of the Hiram's Rangers, therein able to be recognized by fellow Rangers. You will also be able to bring other brothers into our fraternity in like manner. Being a Hiram's Ranger will hopefully allow us to show our pride in being Master Masons while participating in our favorite pastime, maybe interest another good man in Masonry, or interest a good Mason in western action shooting.


As Hiram's Rangers grows, we will undoubtedly find other worthwhile goals. If you are a proud Master Mason and a proud member of the western action shooting community and would like to be a Hiram's Ranger, contact a Ranger in your area. If you don't know any, contact me.


Bro. John Torrence - Past Master

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Paul C. Murphy, M.M.NC189

Ranger Roll Call

Name State Ranger #
John Torrence P.M. KS C-1
Jerry Barnes M.M. AR C-2
Mike Tatham P.M. MO C-3
Robert Dorian M.M. MO C-4
Jerry Gull M.M. IA C-5
Lyle Greiner M.M. IA C-6
David Rambow P.M. MN C-7
Louis Lanie M.M. MN 8
Rich Heller M.M. CA 9
Rich Ewald P.M. IL 10
Joe B. Cole Jr. M.M. VA 11
Lou Held M.M. MO 12
Jacques de Molay
and all brothers
who have gone before us
Vernon E. Dearduff M.M. IN 14
Don Sphar M.M. TX 15
Douglas Gull-Clemons M.M. IL 16
Michael N. Dawsen M.M. TX 17
Jim Reed M.M. TX 18
Kenneth Miller M.M. IN 19
Charles Wilson M.M. IN 20
Delmer Lee M.M. IN 21
James Stephens M.M. KY 22
Gregory Schultz M.M. MI 23
Robin Dame M.M. NC 24
William H. Denner III M.M. VA 25
Doug Davis M.M. OK 26
Jon Reed M.M KS 27
Ronald Sands M.M. KS 28
Roger Schmitt P.M. OH 29
Jim Payne M.M. NC 30
Glenn D. Hollandsworth P.M. IN 31
Leslie W. Schmitt M.M. IN 32
Carl Lehfeldt P.M. CA 33
Fred W. Sullivan P.M. NC 34
James Adcock M.M. NC 35
Charles H. Thorpe Jr. P.M. VA 36
Scott D. Gillette M.M. CA 37
Miguel Calvo P.M. CA 38
James Gilmore M.M. CA 39
Billy J. Bebout P.M. IN 40
John K. Liford P.M. IN 41
Mike Thomas P.M. IN 42
Kenneth S. Seals M.M. IN 43
Jerry L. Thompson M.M. KY 44
Larry B. Fancher P.M. IL 45
Homer Basham M.M. IN 46
Glen Kneilein M.M. IN 47
Robert D. Klute M.M. CA 48
Lewis Conger M.M. KY 49
Kenneth E. Wright M.M. IN 50
Gale S. Garner M.M. IN 51
David Belcher M.M. IN 52
Dennis C. Adams M.M. IN 53
Timothy W. Robbins M.M. OH 54
Justin Robbins P.M. OH 55
Ervin L. Richards P.M. TX 56
Lee D. Stamper M.M. OH 57
L. Gregory Thurston M.M. OH 58
Marvin W. Bridgers III M.M. VA 59
John K. Karnes P.M. TX 60
William G. Henry P.M. KY 61
Bill Denton M.M. IN 62
James E. Neely M.M. MI & AZ 63
Terry L. Frey M.M. OH 64
H. Keith Swigart M.M. OH 65
Steve A. Brown P.M. OH 66
Jerry Rickett M.M. CA 67
J. Michael Sloan P.M. CA 68
Harold L. Powell Jr. P.M. VA 69
Tommy Thomas M.M. CA 70
Timothy Scott M.M. CA 71
Morgan D. Drew M.M. CA 72
John Dashner M.M. CA 73
William L. Adkins M.M. SC 74
Robert Holtsman M.M. CA 75
William G. Tapogna M.M. CA 76
Mark Brown M.M. MA 77
Steven Norwitz M.M. NJ 78
Gregory W Stephens M.M. IN 79
William S. Ryan M.M. MA 80
Todd Melcher M.M. CO 81
Floyd A. Hollandsworth M.M. IN 82
David C. Huffman P.M. ONT. CANADA 83
Henri Raab III M.M. CA 84
Jeffery Scott Pickett P.M. OH 85
Jerry Kepperling M.M. OH 86
Robert R. Kipperling M.M. OH 87
Ross A. Davis M.M. OH 88
Stephen Hollen P.M. OH 89
Peter H. Ersland M.M. WI 90
Ethan J. Kibler M.M. OH 91
Ted F. Bushkirk M.M. OH 92
Stephan P. Raiff M.M. OH 93
Brian L. Raiff M.M. OH 94
Robert Walker M.M. NC 95
Jerry Price M.M. CA 96
Thomas R. Lovett M.M. ME 97
Jerry W. Dove Jr. P.M. WV 98
Ronald M. Woods P.M. IN 99
Jay West P.M. IN 100
William S. Bell P.M. IN 101
David Cornelius M.M. KY 102
Lilburn Dee Burgess M.M. IN 103
Willis W. Boitnott M.M. OH 104
Jeffry C. Bailey M.M. IN 105
David B Kile M.M. ME 106
Adam Perdue M.M. TX 107
Al Burnett P.M. FL 108
Walter Sawyer M.M. FL 109
Dave Chambers P.M. KY 110
Joe Smith M.M. TN 111
Kenneth Mead M.M. OR 112
William Marshall M.M. CO 113
Lawrence Dietz M.M. CA 114
Ethan S. Barton M.M. IN 115
Samuel D. Violett M.M. TX 116
Michael J. Quartararo M.M. OR 117
Todd Purzycki M.M. CT 118
Dale Svaglic M.M. MO 119
Brandon Duenas M.M. CA 120
B. J. McCuiston P.M. CA 121
Robert Robbins M.M. CA 122
John C. Brooks M.M. KS 123
Richard Krueger M.M. MN 124
Joe Ray M.M. TX 125
Robert A. Smith M.M. IN 126
Martin Maxey P.M. CA 127
Martin Helliwell M.M. CA 128
Ervin E. Martindale III M.M. PA 129
Paul Swalina M.M. MO 130
Don Hardesty P.M. MO 131
Fred Schram P.M. WI 132
Robert C. Madison P.M. TX 133
Kirk Neeley M.M. NC 134
Michael Scholl M.M. OH 135
Drew Patten M.M. NJ 136
Jimmie D. Stanfield M.M. AZ 137
Richard F. Guinn M.M. AZ 138
Joseph Santisteban P.M. IL 139
Wayne Edgin M.M. CA 140
Robert Morton M.M. CA 141
Robert Ramos M.M. CA 142
Ronald Sickler M.M. CA 143
Dennis Byrd P.M. CA 144
Danney Stiltner P.M. CA 145
Ryan Alter M.M. CA 146
Timothy Hennessey M.M. CA 147
Tim Lynch P.M. CA 148
Michael F. Brookman M.M. CA 149
Gregg Hall P.M. CA 150
Donald Harley M.M. CA 151
David Kampschafer P.M. CA 152
Oscar Arguello M.M. CA 153
Jeffery Michael Sloan Jr. P.M. KY 154
Sean Weaver P.M. KY 155
Roberto Ramos M.M. CA 156
Cecil Don Davis M.M. AZ 157
Brett Nye Welch P.M. CA 158
Jeffrey A. Gopp P.M. CA 159
Greg Cheung M.M. CA 160
David R. Driesbach P.M. CA 161
Fred Hink P.M. CA 162
Wayne Heimsoth M.M. CA 163
Loren Griffith P.M. CA 164
Harun T. Yayli M.M. CA 165
Raymond E. Hill IV M.M. CA 166
Michael E. MacDonald P.M. CA 167
George Rodriguez M.M. CA 168
Dan Hollingshead M.M. KY 169
Steve E. Wheatley M.M. IN 170
Dwain Hudson M.M. SD 171
David Cousins P.M. TX 172
Roger Wright P.M. TX 173
Paul Wittke M.M. IN 174
David Lloyd Downs P.M. OH 175
Daniel Newsom, Sr. M.M. TX 176
Roberto M. Sanchez, P.G.M. TX 177
Herman Craig, M.M. KY 178
George E. Weil, P.M. AZ 179
James Belcher, M.M. IN 180
Richard D. Baskin, P.M. AZ 181
Mark Brunnemer, M.M. IN 182
Larry Gardner, M.M. IN 183
Reed A. Houge, M.M. AZ 184
Simon E. Polkinhorne, M.M. Surrey KT4 8XZ, England 185
Allan MacDougall, M.M. Edinburg EH2 3DH, Scotland 186
Graham John Hancock, M.M. Worchester Park, Surrey, KT4 7QW, England 187
Scott Hunt, P.M. NC 188
Paul C. Murphy, M.M. NC 189
Terry Handy, M.M. NC 190
Wesley Teague, P.M. NC 191
Stephen Bleigh, M.M. TN 192
Paul Johnston, P.M. England 193
James Marion, P.M. IN 194
Salomon Lahana, P.M. TX 195
Rogerio Bittencourt de Miranda, P.M. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 196
Gustavo Carvalho Lima, P.M. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 197
Flipi Cunha Da Silva, P.M. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 198
Felipe De Paulo, P.M. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 199
Alexander Mazoli Lisboa, P.M. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 200
Sergio Costa de Olivera, P.M. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 201
Jose Valdomiro de Olivera, P.M. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 202
Cleyton Ricardo Moncao de Paula, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 203
Alexander Anthony Barrera, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 204
Marcos Teixeira de Sa, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 205
Edwardo Pereira Viana, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 206
Alex de Olivera Castro, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 207
Cassio Rodrigues Franco, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 208
Jose Alexandre da Silva, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 209
Fabricio Ferreira Jorge, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 210
Mauricio Barreto Passos, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 211
Helmar Amorin de Souza Oliveira, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 212
Mosan Dias dos Santos, MM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 213

M.M. - Master Mason
P.M. - Past Master
- Deceased